Welcome to The Swearing Club, a community created to celebrate the joy of swearing. We aim to spread the use of swearing, the satisfaction that it gives you along with making swearing more accepted in our society and our every day life. The swearing Club is a community where all the members are connected through only one simple thing: the power of swearing. We don’t need a club house, member meetings or shit like this. If you’re swearing with a passion then consider yourself part of the club. We do not discriminate. No matter where you’re from, what you do for living or how old you are we’ll support you in your swearing adventure. 

No matter if it’s at home, at work or with your friends in a pub, we believe that swearing is good for every human being in this world and that life would be easier with the assistance of swearing. The long and short term benefits of swearing have been proven by scientists, whereas, and we need to be honest here, the rest of our advice has zero basis in fact other than coming from people with a passion for swearing.
However, we truly believe that many troubles in your life can be solved faster than you think. Just through the power of swearing. Our goal is to live in a world where one day swearing is taught in every high school. A world where every kid grows up with the power of swearing, learning how to use it properly and to never be afraid to get his or her mouth washed out with soaap for using profane words.

So pleases, enjoy the power and beauty of swearing. Relish in the profane. Indulge in the censored. You will not truly understand the power that those words have and how they can improve the quality of your life until you start doing it. We feel you will immediately notice the difference and will feel fucking awesome for it. Ladies and gentleman if the community of the swearing club could offer you only one tip for 
today it would be: Join the club and start swearing now! Sincerely yours, The Swearing Club

About the authour

Anna Maria Kiosse - Born in Greece, raised in south Germany, Anna is a lot of things – art director, illustrator, photographer, inventor, pirate, storyteller and a really badass, AND MOTHER OF THE SWEARING CLUB.

Having attended kindergarten, high school and the Academy of Arts in Stuttgart for a degree in Art Direction and Graphic Design, she’s quite well educated. Anna also likes pizza, working on her rock star career and has published two books. She has her own studio where she works on personal projects or produces work with and for good people like Wienden & Kennedy, Kesselskramer, Volkskrant Magazine, Bis Publishers,Carpet Bombing Publishing

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